Easy to use

You will be provided with a redy tablet that is set up and redy to use. Transactions are fast and easy.


A dedicated redy business helpdesk will assist with any issues or questions that you have.

Contact us in a way that suits you: telephone, email, twitter or facebook.

Same day settlement

Get all of your redy payments settled in to your redy business account at the end of the day.

redy membership just $1 a day

With a redy membership fee of just $25 per month you can accept redy payments and be part of something bigger.

Each redy transaction costs just 1.5% with 1% charged as a fee for service and .5% given back to the shopper as Creds.

There are no other fees or charges and no contracts.

All fees and charges are exclusive of GST.






Accept mobile payments in store

A redy tablet is all you need to start accepting mobile payments.


redy transactions are quick. There is no paper receipt and no need for journal rolls.


Each redy transaction is secure and there is never any personal or financial information passed between the redy shopper and you.

By Bendigo Bank

redy is a truly all Australian, locally grown and because it is by Bendigo Bank you can take comfort in the fact that redy is backed by Australia’s leading regional bank.


Good Business


By simply participating in redy you will be attracting new customers and rewarding existing customers.


Receive regular reports about your redy transactions.


See more detailed information about your business, things like what projects and charities your customers are contributing to.



Be part of something bigger

redy isn’t just about payments. It is about being part of something bigger and ‘doing good’. Connect with redy shoppers for common community projects and give back to your community or a charity that you care about. Attract redy shoppers that want to earn creds so that they can give back to community projects or charities that they care about.

We're all in this together

redy consumers can spend their creds at any redy business, so a redy business may choose to spend their creds with you even though they were earnt at a different redy business.

Do Good

By accepting redy for payments, you are saying to the world, you are a business that cares about “doing good” and are proud to say so.